Venus Castleberg

If I told you that you were not broken, would you believe me? If I said there was nothing about you that required being fixed, what would you say?

    I spent much of my life, jumping from modality to modality, practice to practice, looking for something that would fix me. I had decided that there must be something innately wrong with me. I could not seem to find what I was looking for, therefore I must be the problem. I must be broken. 

    The 20 years of searching allowed me to acquire some skills and abilities such as massage, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanism, tarot, nutrition, yoga, and intuitive body work that I am grateful for and that have assisted others. And, along the way, I discovered that I am not broken, never have been, and neither are you. The Joy of Business® entrepreneurial program and the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness® contributed dynamically to this revelation and as a result of using these tools daily I have experienced profound changes in my business and my life.

    Currently an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Being You Changing The World® Certified Facilitator, Joy of Business® Certified Facilitator, Access Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, and Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner, my target in engaging with clients is to offer compassion, clarity of vision, and joyfully approach life and business. Coaching in this way has created phenomenal results in both personal and business engagements. 

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