When was the last time you felt truly relaxed?  On average, how much of your day do you spend in a state of stress or anxiety? Have you decided that relaxation only exists when you are on vacation or when you don’t have to work or interact with others? What if something else is possible?  

    What if you could glide through each day with a sense of ease and light-heartedness? What if you and your life could be filled with relaxation? 
    The past 20 years for me have been an exploration of many things such as massage, yoga, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanism, tarot, intuitive body work, etc. I am grateful for the skills that I have acquired in this exploration. I am also grateful for the awarenesses I continuously receive throughout this journey. One of those treasured awarenesses is that relaxation is something that is easy for me. Ease, calm, peacefulness is how I BE. In a world that focuses on doing, striving, performing and perfectionism, often what we BE is overlooked or viewed as less valuable. Yet, when we choose to truly be ourselves, what we are becomes available to others. Currently I am an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Being You Changing The World® Certified Facilitator, Access Bars Facilitator and Practitioner, and Symphony of Possibilities and Access Body Process Practitioner. With everything I am creating in the world, from classes, private sessions, bodywork, podcasts, books and more, I infuse the energy, space and consciousness of relaxation into all of it and invite you to the possibility of living and creating all aspects of your life from that space.   
    What would it take for, “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory” to be YOUR reality? 


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