Being Naked Podcast

– with Venus

What if vulnerability, living life with no walls and no barriers, was key in creating the life you desire? If you chose to be vulnerable with yourself without judging you in any way, what would change in your life?

Ask Venus

– Video series with Venus

In this video series, I will be addressing topics that range from “Communion in relationships” to “Love, sex, and romance”.

Adventures with Venus

– Videos with Venus

Have you ever been curious about energy? What is it? How can you use it to your advantage? How do you work with it?

Frequency of Change Broadcast

– with Venus

What if changing anything could be as simple as turning a dial?

Outside the Impossible

– radio show with Venus

On Outside the Impossible, we will use pragmatic tools, conversations and questions to improve bodies, relationships, money flows, business’, and more.

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