Love.  Sex.  Romance. 

Countless articles have been written, books published and counselors visited in understanding the never ending search for love.  Finding The One.  Keeping The One.  Finding out if The One is cheating on you.  Dealing with the heartache of breakup.  Communication.  Dealing with conflict.  Endless topics and discussions that relate to this thing we call love.   

My life has been all of the above and more.  Love.  What is it?  How can I find it?  Why do I keep losing it?  Ultimately landing on the conclusion that love was not working out for me because there was something terribly wrong with me.  

This is where my journey begins.  The pages of this book speak of that journey and are an exploration of the ups and downs, bumps and bruises, insights and awarenesses that brought me to recognize one very important thing… I am all I have ever been looking for. 

Here to Forever: Finally Free To Be Me

by Venus Castleberg