Gifting & Receiving

After discovering the Joy of Business® entrepreneurial program and experiencing profound changes in her business and life, Venus began to ground her healing and coaching work in the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®.

Business as a Source of Fun

Are you struggling right now, are you frustrated and bored with your job and business? Venus Castleberg and Doris Schachenhofer invite you to start asking questions and look from different angles.

Why Personal Development Books May Not Lead To Your Success

What if this whole time we had it all wrong? What if everything was backwards and nothing was what it appears to be?

Limiting Mindsets to Change in Business to Boost Your Financial Success

Have you ever heard your point of view creates your reality? What that means is the way that you see something is how it will show up for you.

Why Paying Yourself First and Putting Away 10% is so Important

When I first heard of the 10% account, I was living paycheck to paycheck. I was working hard just to pay my bills, never seeming to get ahead. I was left wondering, is this all that is possible for me when it comes to money?

The Value of  You

Have you ever wondered what’s so special about you? Or rather have you thought, maybe there’s nothing special about you? Isn’t it easier to think somebody is better in one way or another?

Learning to Hear (and Trust) Your Intuition

You have nothing to lose and much to gain when you begin listening to, and trusting, your own inner knowing — your powerful, intuitive voice

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